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With [the ghosts]
Film work, 2020

Featuring costume pieces by Sophie Donaldson and sound by Caterina Barbieri

Commissioned by Block Universe for their 'Sessions' programme online, 2020. It was screened on the evening of 27th May 2020 and existed online for the month of their festival. With thanks to ArtFund.

The film can be experienced completely submerged, yourself and screen, underneath covers or a blanket, heavy and private.

Film contains some explicit content

Full film length: 14mins 36

Available to view on request


[the ghosts] as a queer romantic transmitter, as a mode of intimate teleportation and time traversal, a lockdown mediator. As a volume of horror that can be assigned to a lesbian experience, and as an absurd embodiment of this horror.

[the ghosts] as voices continually made invisible in society, as a volume holding the power to haunt, and bend reality.

As grief, heartbreak, darkness, acceptance.

As a force hanging before disappearance. And as a complicated texture that’s with me, moving me.

With [the ghosts] is a series of digital collage sci-fi choreographies made during lockdown,

with love.

Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 23.06.03.png
Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 23.07.24.png

Image credit: Stills from With [the ghosts]

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