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Allied Editions

Dykegeist sharp and fine. 1 & 2 were presented as part of ICA's selection for Allied Editions, at Frieze and no.9 Cork Street. Some editions still available, contact here if you'd like one. 

Dykegeist sharp and fine. 1 & 2

Digital Collage Print on Brushed Aluminium with galvanised steel gate hinge posts

inc 8 screws

53 x 40 x 0.1cm

Edition of 5, signed and numbered on reverse


Dykegeist sharp and fine. is a series of 2 limited edition digital collage prints on metal that live in conjunction with choreographic performance work Dykegeist, commissioned and presented live at ICA during September 2021. 

As an extension of the performance, Dykegeist sharp and fine. is interested in complicating the archetypal narratives assigned to the lesbian predator creature and pushes in response to the lack of areas for queer intimate encounters outside of the cis-male ‘underground'. Gate hinge hooks prop the fine aluminium sheet, a gate being a symbol of hope within a vigorous fanatical search for temporary seclusion.

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