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Eve Stainton is an artist and choreographer born in Manchester, living in London, UK. They create multi-disciplinary performance worlds that hold movement practices, welded steel, digital collage, and other invisible forces like waves, imagination and drama. Their research is rooted in community, interested in how differently marginalised people experience and come into relationship with power structures and societal conventions. Often working with codes, tropes and the absurd; staging clunky physical negotiations, or revealing 'behind the scenes' mechanisms of working together, as a way to question a moral idea of perfection, seamlessness and elegance.

Notable presentations include: ICA (UK), Tramway for Take Me Somewhere (UK), Venice Biennale performance programme (IT), Block Universe (UK), Dampfzentrale (CH), My Wild Flag (SE), Le Guess Who? (NL), Bergen Kunsthall (NO), The Place (UK), Nottingham Contemporary (UK), Crac Occitanie (FR), Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis (UK), Close Encounters (CPH), La Becque (CH), LCMF (UK), CCA Glasgow (UK), Tangente (CA). Recent Billboards commission 'All About Love' for 28 billboard sites across Manchester. In 2023 Eve was nominated for the Premio Cunha e Silva Art Prize at Galeria Municipal do Porto (PT). Features include The Wire mag, PW Magazine, The Art Newspaper, Metal, AQNB, FACT Mag, Dazed Beauty, Twin Magazine, Art in America, This is Tomorrow. Work for other artists include Anthea Hamilton, Tai Shani, Last Yearz Interesting Negro, Sonia Boyce, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Holly Blakey, Goldfrapp, Compagnie ECO international tour, Vivienne Westwood, Claire Barrow, Art School, Molly Goddard, walking for London/Shanghai/Paris Fashion Weeks



Choreographic work:


Impact Driver, 2023 onwards

Performed by Imani Mason Jordan, Tink Flaherty, Romeo Roxman Gatt, Leisha Thomas, Mica Levi. Sound scored by Mica Levi and Leisha Thomas.

Co-commissioned by Sadler’s Wells, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Take Me Somewhere, Wysing Arts Centre and Dansehallerne. Supported by Bergen Kunsthall and Wainsgate. Supported by Arts Council England. 

Touring locations:

>>ICA, London (2023)

>>Tramway, Take Me Somewhere, Glasgow (2023)
>>Dampfzentrale, Switzerland (2024)
>>Donaufest, Austria (2024)

Further dates unannounced 

Dykegeist, 2020- 2022
With musician Mica Levi. Commissioned by ICA, Bergen Kunsthall, supported by Arts Council England, The Place, South East Dance, METAL, London Sculpture Workshop

Touring locations:

>>Premiere ICA, London (2021)                 

>>Close Encounters Festival, Copenhagen (2021)         

>>S_P_I_T_ Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna (2022)  

>>Horizon Showcase, Edinburgh (2022)   

>>My Wild Flag, Stockholm (2022)                             

>>Le Guess Who?, Utrecht (2022)                     

>>Bergen Kunsthall, Norway (2022)            

>>Dampfzentrale, Switzerland (2023)


Speed Garage Excerpt with Gay Crab Paintings, 2022-2023
Sound by Mica Levi

>> Tramway, as part of Fernanda Muñoz Newsome's evening INCHOATE BUZZ

>> London Contemporary Music Festival as part of Fernanda Muñoz Newsome's evening INCHOATE BUZZ

Rubby Garage Geist, 2023

Sound by Mica Levi
At FOLD, Curated by Inkling Room and Future Shock

Rubby Sucky Forge, The Place Theatre, 2020

Co-commissioned by And What Queer Arts Festival and The Place, supported by Arts Council England 

Performers Gaby Agis, Joseph Funnell, Eve Stainton

Rubby Sucky, solo, 2018-2019

>> Sadler's Wells Lilian Baylis, 2019. Part of Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome's 'INCHOATE BUZZ' 
>> Steakhouse Live, 2019, curated by Katy Baird and Aaron Wright

>> Laban, 2019, as part of 'Difficulty in Dance Discourse' symposium

>> Move Close, Club night at VFD, 2019

>> inner u, Club night at The Yard, 2018

LOW-KEY, 2017- 2019 

In collaboration with Michael Kitchin and Sara Sassanelli with a different invited performer

>> Platform Southwark Gallery, with Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
>> Somerset House, with Rukeya
>> inner u at The Yard, with Rowdy

Augmented Superpile, 2018

In collaboration with Michael Kitchin

>> Residency and performance at Siobhan Davies Studios, 2018

>> Residency at Dance4

NOLO: Curating the Body, 2017

A cross cultural project with Michael Kitchin and Sorcha Stott-Strzala between artists in London and Montreal
Invited contributing choreographers: Seke Chimutengwende, Florence Peake, Henrietta Hale, Frauke Requardt, Adam Kinder, Sasha Kleinplatz, Katie Ward. Performed by Eve Stainton

>> Guest Projects, London, 2016

>> Tangente Danse 4 night run, Montreal, 2017 

Video work:

With [the ghosts] (2020)

Commissioned by Block Universe, supported by ArtFund for their online programme 'Sessions'

Apparition Apparition digital collage film (2019)

Lives inside the live performance work Apparition Apparition in collaboration with Florence Peake. Presented at Venice Biennale performance programme 2019


Rubby Sucky Forge digital collage film (2020)
Lives inside live performance work Rubby Sucky Forge, presented at The Place, 2020)

Spider Revenge digital collage film (2019)
Supported by METAL Time and Space residency programme and Arts Council England.
Lives inside live performance Dykegeist to be premiered at ICA, March 2020


>> Sadler's Wells, 2023

>> Wysing Arts Centre, selected resident, 2022

>> Bergen Kunsthall, 2022

>> ICA, 2021, 2022, 2023

>> Take Me Somewhere, 2022

>> Wainsgate Dances, 2023
>> Rich Mix, 2019

>> The Place, 2020
>> The Place, as a selected Choreodrome 2019 artist 
>> METAL Southend and Liverpool as selected Time & Space artist, 2019
>> Dance 4 and Siobhan Davies, 2018


>> The Wire magazine, print issue, 2023

>> The Art Newspaper, Marina Abramovic passes on the baton to a new Generation, Louisa Buck, 2023
>> PW-Magazine, The Unknown is The Actual Action, 2024

>> Metal magazine, The Construction of Impact Driver, 2023

>> Dance Art Journal, Eve Stainton talks ‘Impact Driver’ art and welding, 2023

>> Review from Tramway, Eve Stainton’s Impact Driver: welding as queer practice, 2023

>> The Place podcast, Queer worlds, moving bodies, 2023

>> NTS radio, Mark Leckey and Tomi Rose mix, 2023

>> AQNB online publication, 2020 'Queer transformational states & the emotional edges of metal in the dance & digital collage of Eve Stainton’s Rubby Sucky Forge in London', by Jared Davis
>> Tanzquartier Wien, 2022, printed publication

>> FACT Mag, online, 2020 'Eve Stainton experiments with sci-fi choreographies in Rubby Sucky Forge', by Henry Bruce-Jones

>> Twin Magazine, in print 'The Age of Excoriation' feature by Dorothy Feaver, featuring digital collage work, 2020
>> Not Cancelled Salon online, featuring digital collage works
>> Kunst Bulletin 06, featuring digital collage work Friendly Creature, 2020
>> Dazed Beauty, 'Masculinity' feature, 2019

Work for other artists:

Anthea Hamilton at Tate Britain and Volcano Extravaganza, Stromboli. Jamila Johnson-Small as Last Year Interesting Negro at ICA, Malik Nashad Sharpe as marikiscrycrycry 2019 tour, Tai Shani at Nottingham Contemporary, Compagnie ECOs international tour, Holly Blakey at Southbank Centre and UK tour, Jacopo Miliani at DRAF, Sonia Boyce and Barbara Gamper at Goldfrapp Anymore music video and Glastonbury, Years and Years, Mabel, Vivienne Westwood, ArtSchool, Molly Goddard, Claire Barrow among others, and walked during London/Berlin/Paris/Shanghai Fashion Week.


click here for collaborative CV with Florence Peake

Eve Stainton_26Oct23_photo Brian Hartley_8470_lo.jpg

Photography, Brian Harteley, Impact Driver, Tramway, Take Me Somewhere 2023

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