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Rubby Sucky, 2019, solo.

Performed in the context of Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome's Wild Card event 'INCHOATE BUZZ' at Sadler's Wells (2019).


Alongside artists Jamila Johnson-Small, Rukeya, Kiera Coward Deyell, Isabel Muñoz-Newsome. Costume by Sophie Donaldson. Photography by Anne Tetzlaff. Digital collage by Eve Stainton


Initiated by a breathing practice where the quickening/ shortening of breath induces a rapid rhythm in the body, accessing a spectrum of indulgence/ emotional textures/ porous states. 

It sometimes appears 








Searching for connection, bodies, legs, fingers, walls

Rubby Sucky is a solo work that prioritises emotional manifestations that are shamed and gendered in society such as jealousy, desperation, neediness, care. It relies on transference of touch and energies with people in the space. Working with, and taking seriously, consent, trust and intuition.

Full credits:

Research and performance: Eve Stainton
Costume pieces: Sophie Donaldson
Digital collage film: Eve Stainton
Photography: Anne Tetzlaff
Invited by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome for Wild Card event 'INCHOATE BUZZ' produced by Nikki Tomlinson and Lilian Baylis.

Run time: 15mins, or durational and sporadic

More information about this work can be provided on request.


Contextual information:

Rubby Sucky was originally made and performed for queer club spaces 'Move Close' at VFD, inner u at The Yard and Steakhouse Live.

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