Dykegeist, 2019-21, solo.

Live work with digital collage film and digital collage costume pieces.


Initial research phase supported by The Place through 'Choreodrome'. Digital collage film components supported by METAL. Thanks to Arts Council England.

Sound to be performed by Mica Levi 

Dykegeist will premier at ICA in Spring 2021 and tour to South East Dance.

Booking info to be provided on request




Dykegeist is interested in unravelling and complicating the things that contribute to making the archetypal/essentialist narratives of the lesbian predator creature.


It is interested in atmospheric yieldings, of being inside/outside/caught between choreographed and characterised poetic encounters. 


It is suspended between a supernatural gothic thriller, a 90's sci-fi spider lair, a dreamscape for uncovered sexualities, a grouping to discuss threat, collusion and consent.