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trailer by Sara Sassanelli, 2018

LOW KEY, 2017-18, Collaboration between  Michael Kitchin, Eve Stainton and Sara Sassanelli


Low-Key moves  to offload judgement within a performance space Thinking on the notion of 'skilled' and prioritising a space where this hierarchy is as far away as possible. mixing music as a way into wanting to move and enjoying moving and being seen. 

a series of phone-shot dancing videos forms part of the research which contributes to a film element projected in the space.


Low key follows a format that invites an extra performer each time. invited performers include: Rukeya, rowdy ss, fernanda Muñoz-newsome, nitetrax, ersatz

LOW KEY development and performances


developed in residence at  Inventory Platform, London, 2017.
- Further development at
Yorkshire Dance , 2017.
- Performed at
'Lost Senses' at Guest Projects, curated by Linda Rocco, 2017.
- Performed at
Steakhouse Live's Tender Loin #11 at Toynbee Studios (Arts Admin),  2017.
- Performed at
GUSH Vol3, hosted by Last Yearz Interesting Negro, 2017.
- Performed at Somerset House Studios for
inneru, with Rukeya, 2018.
- Performed at Physarum Borax curated by Ella Fleck and Bryony James at
Platform Southwark. Joined by Fernanda Munoz-Newsome and ERSATZ, 2018.
- Performed at
inneru at The Yard. Joined by Rowdy SS and Nitetrax, 2018.

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