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Rubby Sucky Forge, 2020.


By Eve Stainton with Joseph Funnell and Gaby Agis, thinking through and with the emotional edges of metal.

Co commissioned by The Place and And What Festival, and with thanks to Arts Council England. Presented at The Place as part of 'Splayed' curated by Orrow Bell, 2020.



Rubby Sucky Forge takes the form of multiple atmospheres placed next to one another. A circuit where a current is followed and tracked. Along the way things swell, and dissipate, and cross contaminate in transition.


The material inhabiting these atmospheres are: metal bars, people, video collage, tank traps, printed fabric, sound, cigarette lighters, interaction, other invisible things like waves, imagination and drama. 

I experience these materials in convergence, creating an ecology that prioritises feeling and transformation.


Changing the atmosphere of metal, melting textures of pain and indifference, sequences of conflict, intimately being with resentments and constructs. Thinking on a kind of psychedelic horror that can be caused from being in proximity to cold hardness (material or ideological), that anger or fear aren't always bad things


The context for this work has become a mesh of the global pandemic and a painful transformative loss.
With love.

Full credits:

Concept and choreography: Eve Stainton

Research and performance: Gaby Agis, Joseph Funnell, Eve Stainton

Music: Beatrice Dillon (Workaround Three) 

Costume: Sophie Donaldson

Collage film: Eve Stainton 

Produced by: Sara Sassanelli and Michael Kitchin


Co-commissioned by And What Queer Arts Festival and The Place, with thanks to Arts Council England. Images by Anne Tetzlaff

Runtime: 50mins

Touring information/ tech riders/ video documentation/ available on request.


Contextual information:

Rubby Sucky Forge was originally to be presented at Rich Mix, London, as part of And What Festival curated by Andrew Ellerby. This was then re-organised because of the pandemic.


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