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In collaboration with fashion brand Field of Ponies and George Fok from Phi Centre, Montreal, 2016

Fok writes, 'A series of experimental short films, in collaboration with designer Field of Ponies and The Uncollective (Eve Stainton, Michael Kitchin), using hybrid platforms between dance, fashion and performance - with a contemplative approach, by means of corporal movement such as repetition, shale & posture, slow hyper-controlled motion to materialize abstract and non-linear narrative of subconscious thought and dreams in a space where time, gravity and realities are seemingly irrelevant.'

Full credits:


Film and concept- George Fok

Performance and choregraphy - The Uncollective
Eve Stainton, Michael Kitchin

Fashion and Styling - Field of Ponies

MUA - Agata Porszke

Audio samples- The Dreams Delia Derbyshire, Barry Bermange Interventions for BBC Radio Number 1

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