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Rubby Sucky Forge_digital collage choreographies, 2020
Film work


Rubby Sucky Forge_digital collage choreographies has been screened as part of fundraising event in support of Lesvos Network for Solidarity and Mutual Aid organised by Zoe Marden and Vasiliki Antonopoulou, alongside Ron Athey, Anne Duffau, Sunil Gupta, Rebecca Jagoe, Fiontán Moran, Mohammed Rowe, Erica Scourti, Peter Spanjer, Rehana Zaman. 
And for FACT Mag online feature.


There is a longer version of this that exists inside performance work Rubby Sucky Forge, shown at The Place, Oct 2020.
Full film length 12mins 32secs

Available to view on request

Featuring: Gaby Agis, Joseph Funnell and Eve Stainton.

Music by Beatrice Dillon, Workaround Three.


Images are stills from Rubby Sucky Forge_digital collage choreographies 

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